Fans Flock to Tampa Bay Comic Con This Weekend

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While Supercon draws crowds in South Florida, Tampa Bay Comic Con gathers fans and celebs a little further up north.

TBCC hits Tampa this Friday, July 28, through 30 at 333 S. Franklin St.

Celebrity guests include Nichelle Nichols, who played one of Star Trek’s first African American female characters, Lieutenant Uhura. Also making an appearance is Wallace Shawn, known for his appearance in The Princess Bride and voice acting for The Incredibles.

TBCC will have a cosplay contest on Saturday, showing off the best of the best cosplayers at the venue. There will also be a Rocky Horror Picture Show event where entertainers will perform live in-step with a screening of the movie — including interactive preps and audience participation.

There’s also a panel dedicated exclusively to the LGBT community on Friday. “Love is Love is Love is Love” is a “group love” panel where everyone will share stories and “remind ourselves that we have a growing representation in nerd culture.”

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