Delray Beach Man Arrested, Confessed to Soliciting a Minor

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Boynton Beach Special Victims Unit arrested a Delray Beach man on two charges of obscene communication and one of cruelty toward a child.

According to police records, Victor Vidal misrepresented his age to solicit or seduce, transmitted information harmful to minors, and traveled some distance to lure a child. The arrest took place on April 25.

It all started in late January, when Boynton Beach SVU first communicated with Vidal.

“My undercover persona was that of a child under 16 years of age,” wrote the SVU Detective Charles Ramos. “He asked me if I have messed around (had sex) with any of my classmates.”

The chatting continued for almost three months, among the more lurid conversations (taken directly from police reports):

“Vic stated that he has done oral, rimming, fingering, then just hardcore banging… that boat was rocking.”

“Vic stated that he has fuck buddies.”

“He then sent me a picture of a male hold an erect penis in his hand.”

“Vic asked me to send him a picture of my body.”

“Vic wanted me to take a picture of my penis.”

“Vic then sent me a picture of a guy’s rectum.”

“Vic wanted to meet up … and asked me not to jerk off that morning and to save it for him.”

According to the report, the undercover detective identified himself as underage several times, and repeated that he was in high school.

Upon arrest, “Vidal gave a full confession post Miranda. Vidal admitted o the chats and knowing the child’s age and to sending the pornographic images. Victor stated if they would have clicked with each other they might have had sex.”

The Boynton Beach SVU police report identifies Vidal as a 31-year-old, while the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office identifies him as 28 years old.

He’s being held on a $20,000 bond.

READ: The probable cause affidavit.

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