Cantors Assembly to Discuss LGBT Issues

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It’s a landmark year for the Cantors Assembly, the largest professional organization for Cantors. This year’s convention marks the first time they’re going to discuss LGBT issues in the synagogues they represent.

The Cantors Assembly is affiliated with Conservative Judaism.

The event will be held from May 18-22 in Weston — marking the first time since 1992 that the local Southeast Region is hosting the International Convention. It will be held at the newly renovated Bonaventure Country Club, Resort and Spa.

The Cantors Assembly is the first of the professional arms affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism to have a discussion of this subject matter.

“Until now the issue of LGBT families in synagogues, while they weren't turned away, has never really been talked about in the open because there were no openly gay clergy to champion the cause and therefore while it wasn't ignored, it just has never been talked about in this form,” said Zachary Mondrow, convention co-chair and the cantor of Temple Torah in Boynton Beach.

Other topics covered during the conference include social media, overcoming obstacles at work and one’s creative life and negotiating and conflict resolution.

This past year the American Conference of Cantors, an affiliate of the Union for Reform Judaism, elected its first openly gay president.

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