Airport Attempts to Restore Order After Deadly Shooting

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Photo: CNN.

The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is steadily returning to normal after last week’s chaos.

Five people were killed and six people injured following a shooting at the airport last Friday. It was originally believed that eight people were injured. Roughly 36 people also faced minor injuries as a result of anxiety, fall injuries and more after the incident, according to a press release by the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Their Twitter confirmed the injured were taken to Broward Health Medical Center and Memorial Regional Hospital.

BHMC Spokesperson Amy Erez told the Sun Sentinel that five people are still hospitalized — two of which remain in critical condition. Four of the five injured are being treated for gunshot wounds, while the fifth’s injuries are unclear.

After the FBI notifies the families of the deceased, Broward County’s Medical Examiner’s Office will release the names of those killed.

The airport has since been cleaning up following the shooting. It is undergoing biohazard cleanup, will replace the carpeting and repair walls.

Aside from cleanup, many items were left behind as travelers left the scene of the attack.

“The process has started of returning items but with that number it's going to take several days,” Airport Operations Director Michael Nonnemacher told the Sun Sentinel. “It is an extensive process to go through those many items and get them back to everybody.”

The airport has opened a hotline for assistance following the shooting. Passengers looking to reclaim their lost baggage can call 866-435-9355 for help. 

They confirmed on Twitter that calls are being returned to help distribute lost items. They are also issuing government forms of identification on the lower level between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in large blue and white busses.

Soon, a website will be created to list unidentified items and expedite returns.

TMZ leaked an exclusive video of the shooting. Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief told the Sun Sentinel that federal and local authorities are looking into who took the unauthorized footage.

TMZ did not immediately respond to request about how it obtained the video.

The shooter appeared in court Monday morning for a hearing. He is facing federal charges for murder, firearm and airport violence. His maximum punishment is the death penalty if convicted.

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