Transgender Iowa Prison Nurse Wins Discrimination Case

Jesse Vroegh, left, and his wife, Jackie. Photo Via ACLU

Jessie Vroegh, a transgender nurse working in an Iowa prison, asked to use the men’s bathroom and locker rooms at work as he was transitioning to male.

His department said no, because transgender issues were “too controversial,” and they were concerned for the “rights of the male officers,” according to the New York Times. After Vroegh sued the prison for discrimination, h won $120,000. 

“I was astonished,” Vroegh, 37, told the New York Times. “It was about being in a country where you have rights and you are free and everybody should be treated equally. It is worth it for anybody who comes up after me, who doesn’t have the voice to stand up to a big state entity.”

This is the first successful Iowa transgender rights case since 2007. Vroegh now works as a nursing director at a rehabilitation center, the New York Times reported.