Rainbow on Wheels: Jaguar XE 35t Sport

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The Jaguar XE models start from $34,900, XE Premium from $37,500, XE Prestige from $41,400 and XE R-Sport from $49,200.

 Because you deserve it, here is the 2017 XE 35t R-Sport, with a powerful 340-hp, 3.0 liter V6 supercharged gas engine, 8 speed auto trans with shift paddles. Electric power assisted steering DCS, all surface power control; JaguarDrive control with driving modes intelligent Stop/Start, torque vectoring and 19 inch wheels with spare.

 The available all wheel drive (AWD) system delivers confident handling on most surfaces. The system uses an Intelligent Driveline Dynamics control strategy software developed by Jaguar that features sophisticated algorithms to react intelligently to road conditions; the system helps prevent you from losing traction instead of working to regain it.

Jaguar Drive Control allows you to select Standard, Eco, Dynamic or Rain/Ice/Snow mode, each subtly changing the steering and throttle mapping. Eco mode encourages fuel-efficient driving by offering gear change information and fuel economy feedback. Dynamic mode sharpens the throttle response. Rain/Ice/Snow mode automatically dampens acceleration and applies more gradual traction for slippery conditions.

The Jaguar XE models are: XE from $34,900, XE Premium from $37,500, XE Prestige from $41,400 and XE R-Sport from $49,200.

A fuel economy environment: 21mpg/city, 30mpg/highway. All suggested prices are basic without optional equipment.