Florida Man Kicked Out Of His Apartment Because He Is Gay

Via Facebook

In December Randal Coffman was kicked out of his apartment, just outside of Jacksonville. Coffman said  he was evicted because he is gay, and he’s got the video to prove it.

When Coffman first moved into the apartment he claimed there wasn’t a  problem. One night his landlord told him that she didn’t want him having girls over late at night. Coffman said it wouldn’t be a problem because he’s gay.

His landlord fired back with “You didn’t tell me you’re gay,” his landlord exclaimed.

Coffman replied with “Why do I have to tell you that I’m gay?”

Coffman catches the entire conversation on video. The two did not have a written lease, only a month-to-month verbal agreement. Cooper insists the reason she’s kicking Coffman out of the apartment because he wouldn’t provide her with a copy of his driver’s license.

Jacksonville has regulations that protect against discrimination of LGBT tenants, but those rights do not reach out to Middleburg.