Fall Fashion for Florida

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Even though we can’t really reap the full benefits of Fall fashion, given that wool and lined jackets don’t figure much into South Florida weather, we can certainly borrow a few trends and incorporate them into our wardrobes.

For the Florida Femme Fatales, we have to thank our friends at Macy’s for basic wear and Jennifer Caras of Style-Me-Right.net for trends! However, both agree long silhouettes and cropped jackets will make your wardrobe fashion forward. For fun a pair of over-the-knee boots with pants tucked in, and even a jumpsuit for the super-fashion forward make the cut!

1) Utility, Military & Tailored Menswear, slim cargo pants are hot this year paired with graphic tees and a slim leather or denim jacket. Don’t be afraid to throw in some sequins – because a little sparkle will feminize the military, or tomboyish look. Think Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, but slimmer lines and brighter accents.

2) Neutrals & Mminimalism, a darkly glamorous, moody aesthetic has taken over clothing and make-up palates. Grays and beiges will act as a foundation with accent colors of dusty pink, slate blue with dollops of mustard yellow.

3) Animal, Folk or Native Prints, always seem to come back! Although this time around if you don’t want a leopard print jacket a pair of shoes, a scarf, or a bag will let your style roar. Skirts in a native pattern with sparkle is also a major trend.

4) Hats & Vests, are both a trend and a staple. A fedora is always useful, and vests seem to come back in style every four to five years so…invest in one you see yourself wearing in a few years when the trend fades and returns.

5) Knit Wear & Comfort, soft materials such as sweatshirt fabric, knit wear. and cardigans are hot items! A basic cardigan in a neutral – such as a chestnut or burnt ochre, and maybe one in a trendier color – such as deep purple or midnight blue will spice up a neutral outfit and fits the bill this fall.

For the Florida Fellows, once again we have to thank Macy’s for laying our foundation and Timmy Rudy, a personal stylist based in Manhattan for giving us insight into the hottest trends. Rudy says that a pair of motorcycle boots are “awesome,” with a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized watch.

1) Peak Lapel Suits, a slim suit, with pants cut a little higher to show off a pair of shoes or socks in an accent color are all the rage. To get the best use out of it try it in smoky gray, olive or brown and match the blazer with a pair of jeans for happy hour.

2) Earth Tone & Slim Neckwear, the narrower the better, and once again this look will work in the office and out in the evening for dinner with friends or a cute Macy’s salesman! Try a narrow tie in brick, or a color that will pop in rich, deep, shades of red, blue, green, even purple and orange.

3) Plaid & Micro-Stripe Shirts, plaid is a great staple to own, as it’s something that comes back every few years. This is one trend you can spend a little or a lot on, depending on your love of plaid. Micro stripes emphasize or create a longer line on the gents, and will pair well with a super-narrow tie.

4) Bright Sneakers, to contrast with all the neutrals on everybody’s buzz list, pair them with a pair of colorful sneakers that will be sure to make heads turn. Throw on a fitted denim jacket and head out for an evening of fun.

5) The Murse, or Man Purse, has become a staple in a guy’s wardrobe. Between cell phones, laptops, iPads or Kindles – and yes, some of us actually carry books – cameras and other gadgets you need one. Instead of a messenger type bag – try something with a strap that is just comfortable enough to wear under your arm. Go for a trendy color that is just safe and risky enough to be an accent!

Well, we hope this style guide has been insightful! We hope to see you rocking both the basics and the trends in South Florida this Fall!

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