Bisexual Prison Guard Fired After Suffering Years of Abuse

SFGN File Photo

Ben Paistow, 40, won an unfair dismissal lawsuit against a U.K. prison. He was fired after two years of abuse over his bisexuality.

Paistow’s coworkers and supervisor called him “gay,” “poof” and “vermin,” colored his work bag and uniform pink, threw water at him, and slapped him, according to Queerty. He was fired after being accused of using unnecessary force to break up a prisoner fight, but they later determined no force was used. 

“I felt as if all my dignity had been taken away,” Paistow told the court.

The judge who heard his case ruled in his favor. “From the earliest days at HMP Woodhill he was subjected to verbal and later physical abuse based upon his sexual orientation. He was unfairly dismissed and his dismissal was an act of victimization.”