Adam Lambert Scores New Record Deal Before Oscars Performance

Via Facebook

Adam Lambert who will have a high profile gig opening the Oscars ceremony Feb. 24 with Queen, released a new song for his forthcoming album, “Feel Something”, and announced his new record deal with independent label EMPIRE.

“After the first few songs were written, I began to realized that the only way to get this new project released the way I envisioned it was to change up my team,” Lambert posted on Instagram. “So I hired a new management company and signed with a new record label. A fresh start!”

Lambert continues to front Queen, and the band — dubbed Queen + Adam Lambert — wrapped a successful residency in Las Vegas in 2018

“With a bit of professional help and the support of colleagues, friends and family, I pulled myself out of the darkness,” Lambert went on to say, detailing a period second-guessing himself and its negative effect on his mental health.

“I decided to begin my next album on my own so I wouldn’t be influenced by anything but my passion for music. I reached out to fellow writers and artists that I’d met over the years and began booking sessions with them,” he posted on Instagram. “I wanted to make the music I wanted to make, and to get in the headspace I was in when I first dreamed of being a singer-before playing industry game started messing with my love for music.”

Lambert is represented by Philymack, the management firm which also includes Nick Jonas, DNCE, The Band Perry and Lambert’s fellow “X Factor Australia” judge Iggy Azalea in its stable.

“The tracks will chronicle the journey of taking responsibility for my own happiness and strength, and searching for intimacy. Since writing this song, I’ve found the joy I was missing and I’m back in my power. I can’t wait for you to hear more!” Lambert went on to say.

Thursday Lambert released “Feel Something,” written by Benedict Cork, Josh Cumbee and Lambert, and produced by Cumbee and Afishin Salman.