Some Readers Upset With ‘Prison Diaries’

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Dear Editor,

I am writing you concerning your decision to give a convicted child pornographer a voice and column in SFGN.

I am a Gay man and Father that works with a group called DADsquared. We are a community of men working endlessly towards the day that all Gay men, with the calling to be Fathers, can see their dreams realized.

Your giving Mr. Reina this platform is truly deplorable on so many levels.

I hear from good, upstanding, law biding men on a daily basis that are turned away from Fatherhood by groups and organizations that still believe that many Gay men are pedophile's, you sir have just given them more of the perceived “proof they need.”

Mr. Reina says that he has accepted responsibility for what he has done and yet in his own words states in your paper, “I have never inflicted harm on any child or minor in my life, nor would I ever do so.”

That statement in itself is proof that he does not fully understand his role in his own actions. Distributing pornography containing boys as young as six having sex with older men and some appearing to be struggling is INDEED inflicting harm on a child, in the most heinous of ways. That distribution only fueled another pedophiles desires, which led to another boy, somewhere, being victimized, and Mr. Reina had a hand in that.

Mr. Reina also states that these actions were brought about due to his drug addiction which is also another deflection of personal responsibility, there are (sadly) thousands of Gay men suffering addiction and I can safety say that turning towards sexual child abuse is not the norm.

I also find it unbelievable that the paper states that in lieu of compensation for writing the column, as if he deserves to profit from his actions, Mr. Reina will be “paying it forward” by donating to his favorite PET charity... really... how about donating to an organization that advocates for the victims of child abuse?

SFGN is a leading publication working for the LGBT community; I can not understand why you made this extremely sad and dangerous decision.

You should be leading the community towards equality and helping us to transcend stereotypes, instead, these types of actions keep us bound to the past and to old societal negative beliefs.

I hope you reconsider this decision and remove his column from your publication.

Henry Amador

DADsquared is a global community designed by and for Gay Fathers. Our mission is to provide resources, guidance and direction to Gay Dads raising children and to those still searching for the possibility. DADsquared is the biggest online community for Gay Parenting. We help bring families together and make dreams come true. DADsquared is Changing the World One Family at a Time.

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