Opening Line for March 9, 2016

Readers Respond: Is Marco Rubio Hiding In The Closet?

Anthony Cicalese I'm not one to throw that accusation around lightly – but in this day and age, a man of his age who is still that homophobic is very likely closeted. The average straight man "gets it" and is not threatened by us to the point they advocate continued fighting after the Supreme Court ruling. His anti-gay antics are way overboard.

Christopher Stotz Give me an hour with him and I'll let you know.

Miriam Gonzalez I don't care about his personal life or hang ups - I just don't want him in the presidency.


Caitlyn Jenner Wants To Be A Trans Ambassador For Ted Cruz

Gilbert Wyatt The only thing Ted Cruz likes about Caitlyn Jenner is her money!

Daniel Nistal I totally welcome this. I think is time for the Republican Party to get more involved with the LGBT community.

Larry Kraft She is only interested in her fame and her money. She doesn't deserve the awards she's been given. Cruz attends a service where the preacher says to kill gays and she says nothing and this person backs him? Shameful!


Longtime AIDS Activist & Out Gay Man James Driscoll Endorses Donald Trump

Michael Gluckman This only proves that there are ignorant people in every aspect of humanity. I certainly would no longer feel obliged to take anything this "longtime AIDS activist" says too seriously. He is obviously delusional.

Chris Murphy LCRs aren't self-loathing. We're just not one-issue voters. Further we're changing the GOP using persuasion.

Marshall R. Krug are you mad? I’d vote for flipper first! Any gay person that votes for him is definitely voting against their own self interest. PEOPLE: WAKE UP! The Supreme Court and your freedoms are at stake!

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