Letters to the Editor: Smart Ride Article

Thank You For Smart Ride Article


I hope you got my message I left the other day thank you for the article on the Smart Ride. It was great and informative, instructional and everything.

I appreciate the time you put into the article and the placement on two pages in SFGN. It means a great deal to me personally and I know the participants love seeing information around town talking about the ride and getting them more excited.

Glen Weinzimer
The SMART Ride

SFGN Mixes Up Pull Quotes; Reader Takes Notice


I NEVER write to the local "rags." However, I just cannot believe the no one at SFGN proofs or even looks at the product before printed!. What a glaring mistake and downright pathetic misprint in putting the quote from the rent boy sting in the SmartRide article on page 18.

Pay SOME ONE TO PROOF READ before you go to print.

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