Letters to the Editor: SFGN Please Stop Using Bibles and Crosses in Stories on Religious Discrimination

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Thank you for the excellent coverage your paper provides regarding the state of LGBTQIA discrimination, and the victories we have had in overcoming it. Thank you too for the excellent international coverage. Metropolitan Community Churches has been on the front lines advocating for love, tolerance, and legal protections for LGBTQIA people for many decades. We are currently active in Eastern Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia with staff on the ground, risking their lives daily.

That said, however, I would like to know if you could consider using something other than the bible or cross when reporting on discrimination by certain denominations, religious groups and organizations, or their members who support such discrimination and laws that violate basic human rights.

As a Christian and an MCC deacon, I wince when I see the symbols of my faith being used to paint a broad indictment of people of faith, not all of whom support such actions.

Might I suggest for example, when reporting on these issues, you might use the logo for the particular denomination, organization or group that is supporting or speaking out against such discriminatory polices. There are currently many denominations/congregations that fully welcome and include everyone, no exceptions. Unfortunately there are many that discriminate and support/advocate for public policy that also discriminates. To use symbols common to both for most articles does not help people understand that there are substantial differences.

I know this is a difficult issue as is my request. However, there are many people of faith and goodwill who are our allies, families, and friends. It is important to let them know that they and the gospel of love and inclusion that they preach are respected. I do not believe for a moment that you (or SFGN) do not respect them. However, we are also the body of Christ and need to stop letting our faith (and its symbols) get hijacked by religious extremists.

You may wish to solicit the thoughts of some other people of faith and goodwill on this topic. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request. I hope this letter may start a conversation about this matter.

Sincerely, thankfully, and peacefully yours,
Ed Kaczperski
Servant Member Church of Our Savior, MCC
Boynton Beach, Florida

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