Letters to the Editor: Readers Thank and Blast SFGN Publisher Over His ‘Open Letter to the Owners of Tropics’

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Thank you Norm Kent

Godfrey Thompson and Alex W Meyer are serving the senior gay community by raising their menu prices and drink prices and lowering the quality of the food. They stopped serving lunch. They stopped the 2 for 1 specials. They made their bartenders wear ties...in casual tropical South Florida! I did not know Greg Futchi but my partner and I went to the demonstration and memorial service if front of town hall.  

Shame, shame on Godfrey and Alex for trying to gain recognition and publicity from this terrible tragedy. And thank you again, Norm Kent for identifying ‘the tragedy that this community will endure’ with them as the proprietors of Tropics.  

Ken Merrifield
Fort Lauderdale
Former patron of Tropics

Not Very Nice Norm!

I don't see the owners comments the way you do. The owners were simply pointing out mistakes in your newspapers reporting. You should be thankful that they pointed out your mistakes and YOU SHOULD LEARN FROM THEM! Attacking members of the community is not professional Norm! You sound like a silly child in the schoolyard.

Your newspaper made a mistake this week on page 18. The same blurb for the rentboy piece was inserted in the bike ride piece. I am a regular reader and you paper regularly makes mistakes. Usually typo's but still there are flaws.

No one is perfect, and your holier that tho arrogance is unwarranted. I have to question maybe you were smoking to much pot before you wrote that opinion??

Norman there is a psychological condition call projection. It is when a person blames others for their own short comings. It is a defense mechanism in people with certain personality disorders. You may want to seek some professional help or cut back on the pot.

Time to grow up!


Tropics No Longer What It Used to Be

I seldom agree with Norm Kent, BUT I can’t agree more on his “Open Letter To The Owners Of Tropics!”

I’ve been through 3 owners in the last 15 years since I’ve been going to Tropics. I have to say the current owners have run this once thriving establishment into the ground.

Even during “off season,” prior to the current owners, Tropics was crowded. The weekly specials we all looked forward to…TODAY specials consist of spaghetti and meatballs for $20!!

Let me say we have a great Italian place down the street from Tropics called BONO… I get the same so called special for $9.95! I mentioned this to Alex Meyer my price objections his response… “look at my food cost!” Anyone with half a brain knows pasta is the cheapest to make and most profitable!

The final demise of Tropics is when they fired The Best Bartender of 14 years Robert Heffler because, “we didn’t like him!” Well you don’t have to like him…even though every one of your customers do and did love Robert!

Your biggest entertainment draw which used to pack the house 75 plus is now down to a pathetic 20 or so that were there last Saturday….

Yes, Norm Kent, you hit a home run, a touchdown with the current owners of Tropics.

Andrew R. Brett
Wilton Manors

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