Letters to the Editor: Give Floridians a Second Chance


I saw and read the letter to the editor in your 8-19-2015 issue regarding the campaign for a constitutional amendment to give ex-felons in Florida the right to vote.

I jumped on this like no tomorrow, and sent out emails to all my friends and colleagues, made phone calls, and even sent letters with an enclosed petition to my U.S. Representatives.

Surprisingly I have been getting a lukewarm response.

Some friends of mine did a presentation today at the Pride Center. I think it was their weekly coffee & chat group. There were about 137 people there. They only got 13 signatures. the response from most people was ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I am just aghast by this. I cant believe we have such a 'cold-hearted' community, especially the way the nation is coming together and giving us rights.

I have to believe that the community is uninformed about this matter. They really do not know what it means or the dramatic positive consequences this could have for out community.

Thank you very much for your time!

Sincerely -
The Reviewer

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