Letter to the Editor: Trump is the Canary in Coal Mine

Reader responds to last week’s letter from editor “Trump is a Cancer on Our Democracy”

Donald Trump is not the cancer on our country. Rather, he’s the ever colorful, shape-shifting melanoma mole on the backside of society that warns, “there’s worse inside.”

The cancer, or more aptly, cancers, are eating away at society from the inside out. Trump, I fear, may be the canary in the mineshaft as he spouts what others only dare to think but who nevertheless keep Trump at the top of the pols heap.

There’s the cancer of the imbalance of wealth that Trump represents even as all the candidates work to shrink the middle class further.

Cancer lurks in the persistent racism that Trump demonstrates to the apparent glee of his followers.

The on-going War on Women is yet another cancer Trump talks about and which his fellow Republicans encourage with state-by-state anti-abortion legislation, unequal pay and opportunity and continuing sexist violence.

A similar malignancy continues to eat away at LGBT civil equality such that we can marry but lose our jobs for that very reason.

A brain cancer afflicts citizens who persist in willful ignorance about planetary destruction not to mention denial of evolution.

The Chinese tried the immigrant wall business in the 3rd century BC. It didn’t work then, either. But what the heck, it sounds good.

Based on what I’ve heard, all the Republicans running for the White House pretty much stand for these same “principles” but the rest are keeping their mouths shut until one of them gets elected. I find Cruz and Rubio much scarier than Trump.

This is the problem with a democracy. The voters can elect war-mongering tyrants. Remember, Hitler was elected. In his own right, Trump is a funny man but the people who vote for him are the ones to fear.

Especially since most of them carry guns.

– Donald Cavanaugh


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