Letter to the Editor: The Local Log Cabin Repub’s Have Done So Much for LGBT Rights

Former local president speaks out against OUR Fund’s cold-shoulder

Dear Norm:

As a long time member of Log Cabin Broward and one its former Presidents I can assure you that our volunteer efforts were not insignificant as some associated with the OUR Fund's Board and those seemingly on their November panel may envision.

You and Jessie, like Andy, Joe Campanella, Karl Clark, Buddy Markewell, Robin Bodiford, Allen Terel, Lynn Mattingly, Dean Trantalis, etc. knew/know more about our history than some who would go about recreating it with regard to Log Cabin’s historical involvement not only from the days of the Brigg Amendment but also relative to some dealing with Anita’s “Save our Children” Campaign along with the formation of PAC PAC and Americas for Equality, etc. You may also recall the dinner at Chardee's ("Remembering When") LCR initially suggested and then helped organize to honor and reflect back on those historically involved.

You will recall that LCR Broward was very involved in the battle to rescind the anti-gay DADT military policy and one of our members helped found the South Florida Chapter of the GLBVA now AVER (American Veterans for Equal Rights). Likewise you will recall how we participated in organizing the demonstrations at Coral Ridge as we planned with GUARD (Gays United Against Repression and Discrimination), P-Flag and others to peacefully sponsor the first public challenge against the “Reclaiming America for Christ” conference. Obviously, documentation will also demonstrate the effectiveness of LCR and LEF supporters with regard to marriage equality, AIDS Funding, etc.

Now that I historically book back with some of our friends I understand that many of those who deny LCR’s long-terms efforts have no idea about our local Tuesday Night Group or even the Original “Amity Business Group” that folded when someone wanted to turn its confidential membership list over to government agents. There is so much more historically as you know.

The nay slayers who criticize Log Cabin Broward today are the free spirits who now are living off the backs of so many of us as well as those who are no longer with us when it comes to the long-term battle for our inclusion and equal rights. Many of those who are in denial about Log Cabin’s involvement were not here when some of our former activists dealt with the arrests on the beach at the Marlin, Tacky's, the Copa, and elsewhere.

While we hear so much about National activists we had some outstanding individuals here in the Southeast who quietly but effectively helped create positive change for our community. Unfortunately, it appears that some leaders of the OUR Fund Charitable Foundation seeming weren’t here to fully experience what historically unfolded for us on the Gold Coast of Florida even before some of those on the panel initially arrived in town just as I once did.

Jack Majeske
Former President Log Cabin Broward


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