Letter to the Editor: Punishing Jay Walkers Not Solving The Problem

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Dear Editor,

I find it far safer to jay walk from the Alibi parking lot to the Village Pub using the existing medium. It allows me to navigate one direction of traffic at a time. When safely on the medium I can easily decide when it’s safe to cross the other direction of traffic.

Ironically, a few months ago, folks using the medium to cross were given warning tickets by the Wilton Manors police officers. They want all to cross Wilton Drive at the 6th Ave intersection.

Frankly, I don’t want to cross there: It’s too dangerous. Many have experienced the danger of vehicles turning into the path of pedestrians in the cross walk. Maybe traffic needs to completely stop in all directions when pedestrians have the “safe” to cross signal.

Those insisting that jaywalkers can be cured of jaywalking are taking the wrong approach. Jaywalkers can instead be assisted in a safe crossing of Wilton Drive, as I’ve described above. Of course, the addition of more crosswalks, like the one in front of the municipal building, that completely stops traffic after the pedestrian pushes a button, would help too.

Plans to shrink the amount of lanes on the Drive may discourage some travelers from use of Wilton Drive but that could be a good thing. And lane reduction opens up possibilities such as tripling the size of the sidewalk in front of the Courtyard Cafe and shops. This would add to the wonderful village feel with more outdoor dining. My hunch is that Gregory Futchi would have liked these suggestions.

Oakland Park

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