Letter to the Editor: Kenneth Blunk You Are Wrong

Reader responds to last week’s letter calling for gays to arm themselves

Israel has adopted the National Rifle Association's (NRA} dream policy. All Israeli Jews are urged to buy guns and are urged to take the law into their own hands. Result: as many innocent citizens are being killed as terrorists & criminals.

The combination of guns held equally by authorities and rebel groups is the definition of a "war zone." As can be seen in the Middle East, rebels are not unified but are broken into warring factions. Such would be the case in the gay community, which would break into well-known political and behavioral groups.

Considering the propensity for violence in gay relationships, just imagine the bloodbath we'd have in our community. A concisely summarized Canadian study supported by several studies by U.S. psychologists and university departments of Psychology states:

“Regarding studies regarding homosexual couples and violence, a recent study by the Canadian government regarding homosexual couples states that ‘violence was twice as common among homosexual couples compared with heterosexual couples.’”


It must be noted that the munitions manufacturers sell weapons to any one across the Globe, finance the NRA, which "owns" numerous U.S. congressmen and senators.

Nelson S. Benzing Jr.
Fort Lauderdale

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