Letter to the Editor: I Was There With Mark Segal at Stonewall

Dear SFGN,

It was with great interest that I read your story on the Stone Wall uprising. Mark Segal, however, is not quite accurate on one point: Michael (Mike) Lavery and he are not the only ones left who originally participated with Marty Robinson and others in the movement after Stone Wall. The movement was originally called the "Gay Liberation Front" and I was part of it.

On the evening of the Stone Wall attack by the police, I was in my apartment on Houston Street. My roommate, a former female co-student of mine, Carol, was leaning out of the window (we had no air-conditioning) and told me that there was a lot of noise and light coming from where the Stone Wall was.

We went there and stayed outside of the ring of policemen while everything transpired. We did not leave until it was over.

After that I became active in the movement with Marty. Mike was yet to come from Pittsburgh, where he was working for a legal company that was at that time developing a system to use key-word-in- context combinations in order to codify and study American law. He and I had been together for several years at the University of Pittsburgh where we met when we were both involved in Students for Peace (a movement against the Vietnam engagement of the US). He was in law school and I was majoring in Cultural Anthropology. We both went to Washington to march in protest and we both stood silent vigil in front of the University of Pittsburgh chapel to protest the war many times.

One of the things that we did as the Gay Liberation Front (please don't laugh but think in terms of the times) was knit on the subway. I later organized a march to the German consulate to thank Germany for repealing Paragraph 175, which was an anti-gay law from the Nazi era. The representatives of the

German consulate received us graciously. I was working at that time for the then daily German-language newspaper New Yorker Staats-Zeitung und Herold. German is my mother language though I was born in the US. Shortly thereafter, Mike and I broke up a second time - we were living at that time together on

East 84th Street-and I went to live in Germany.

Yours sincerely,
Robb Kvasnak

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