Letter to the Editor: Charlie Crist Did Not Leave GOP Because of Racism and Homophobia

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Dear Editor:

Your article highlighting Charlie Crist's phony excuse for leaving the Republican Party because of racism and homophobia is very disappointing and quite frankly, irresponsible at best. South Florida Gay News is a well respected LGBT publication with a large statewide and national readership.

I feel it is my duty, as a self identified, gay, libertarian Republican, to offer a rebuttal against these outrageous and false claims made by Former Governor Crist, all in an attempt to bait and divide Floridians.

Where shall I begin?

As an egotistical, career politician, Charlie Crist registered in three parties in three years. First he is a conservative "Ronald Reagan" Republican, then an Independent, now, a self professed "Pro-Life" Democrat. Frankly, many of my gay Democrat friends silently find "compassionate" Charlie Crist despicably opportunistic, and untrustworthy. Many are also enraged over his continued refusal to debate a qualified, and loyal Democrat, Sen. Nan Rich, of Weston, who has a consistent record of progressive accomplishments while serving in the State Senate.

Charlie Crist cites racism for leaving the GOP, really??

Charlie Crist was defeated by a Hispanic Republican, Marco Rubio, and the African American Democrat, Kendrick Meek, faced pressure from Crist, and his cronies, to drop out of the race. So much for showing respect to the first African American to run for a Senate seat in Florida. The bottom line is Crist couldn't win a primary against Rubio, so he became an Independent. Then, he couldn't win in a three way race as an Independent, so, he goes to work for the richest trial lawyer in the Southeast, John Morgan, and the re-invention of chameleon Charlie to the Democratic Party begins.

Homophobia? Please.

Charlie Crist is the Governor who gave us Amendment 2, in 2008, which defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Charlie Crist, as recently as the 2010 Senate campaign, said the following: "I support the traditional definition of marriage and I believe marriage is a sacred institution between one man and one woman" How soon some in the Democratic Party forget considering we all now have to live with this discriminatory ban.

Many LGBT voters do not trust Charlie Crist for the huge 4 billion budget deficit he left Florida with while he tried to skip town, and head to Washington as a Senator for another career politician pension.

As a long-time reader of your publication, going forward, please consider providing us election coverage that does not assume we are all gullible, naive, bubble heads buying into the contrived headlines of racism and homophobia. I expect more from a publication that has a very large and diverse readership.

A Faithful reader,
Shane Pagano
Orlando, Florida.

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