Letter to the Editor: Can’t Believe Marriage is Finally Here

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Never, ever, in a million years (& my wildest dreams), did I think that I would live to see the day when marriage equality for all would become the "law of the land"!

This historic victory for LGBT equality was an epic journey, decades in the making!

Marriage equality, right or wrong, "became an us vs. them issue." In the end, however, it was simply a matter of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!" And now the phrase: "with liberty, and justice for all," has a whole new and very real meaning!

So, celebrate, (for now) our newly found equality! But, the fight is far from being over!

We must not take this victory for granted!

Of course, with this Supreme Court ruling, many conservative Americans are "extremely pissed off." We could experience an increase in anti-LGBT violence against our community. (I pray we don't.)

We must remain vigilant, not only for our own personal safety, but, for all those around us as well. (Not everyone enjoys the security of neighborhoods such as: Chelsea, West Hollywood, the Castro/San Francisco, or Wilton Manors/Fort Lauderdale.)

So, yes, let's celebrate! We have earned it!

However, let's keep an eye on our enemies, also.

Wayne V. Whitson
West Palm Beach

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