Christopher Reina Not a Monster

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I am a big fan of your paper and I understand the business of getting juicy articles especially in the gay community out there.  An article was recently written about Christopher Reina from Wilton Manors being arrested in distribution of child pornography.  I know you posted the facts of the case but what is sad is that this is not a black and white case at all.

Christopher was one of the people that started Crystal Meth Anonymous in Fort Lauderdale.  He was at the time in his addiction actively using and in a bad spot. He met the wrong people online that were into that distasteful porn and yes he sent it to an undercover agent but that was the only person he sent it too.  Chris is not into that stuff. He was lured into a group of guys online he found attractive ...older guys...that were into that and Chris did go along when under the influence to get their attention when he was under the influence of crystal meth.

What I think needs to be addressed more in Wilton Manors is the growing population of crystal meth use in our community.  It’s huge!

Such sites as Adam4Adam where you can do a recreational drug search or Manhunt or BarebackRT where almost everyone has key words in profile such as long sessions, to the poinT, play darTs, twisted play, making clouds just to name a few.  I know first hand as a crystal meth addict in recovery.

I am currently in a treatment program at Broward House which has saved my life and it is just sad how the gay community is so drug filled with men young and old.  I know the gay community has always been into "partying" but it is just sad how we turn a blind eye to the drug that is overtaking our community.  I know all the drug spots in Wilton Manors and it is in almost every block.

Chris’ unfortunate incident is a direct result of his use. He has to pay for his actions but he is a great guy. He is not a child molester, he just made bad choices.

Mike McCloskeyMike McCloskey

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