Can A Capsule A Day Keep The ’Gay’ Away?

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Remember that hyperactive kid you went to school with whose mother would mash up a special pill into his applesauce to get him to focus? Well, if claims made by a Turkish drug manufacturer are true, we may see a lot of right-wing Christian mothers of sensitive little boys buying a lot of applesauce in the near future.

"We believe in equal rights and freedoms of every individual in the society. Being gay or not is now in your hands," say the makers of Homofin , a new herbal treatment being marketed on a Turkish website that claims it can stop someone from being gay in eight quick months.

The website, which says, "Your sexual identity, which is something you are born with and has only to do with hormonal pheromones, is no longer your destiny. You can make your own decisions." Ironically, Gay Star News reports that the website also encourages a mother who suspects her son may be gay to buy the drug and secretly dissolve the capsules into his food. So much for free choice.

The "drug," which according to the website is the result of research that included isolating hormones in female urine and male sweat, costs roughly $60 for a 30 day treatment and is flying off the virtual shelves. The site that sells Homofin says it is currently out of stock but it will be available again soon.

As poorly translated by BING, Homofin’s Facebook page "Stockholm University researchers have discovered and developed the most recent American Shetty Pharmaceuticals pharmaceutical company research Spanish scientists eliminated all side effects designed to "Homofin." According to LGBTI News Turkey, known as Hetracil in the USA and as X-46 in Sweden, the drug is now being imported to Turkey after it took the name Homofin in Spain.

Although this quackery may appear funny, the psychiatric community in Turkey thinks Homofin is no laughing matter. According to Instinct, the Psychiatric Association of Turkey is making moves to have the online operation shut down.

"We took legal action and filed complaints with the relevant institutions such as the governorship, the board of advertisement and the public prosecutor’s office concerning the so-called medicine Homofin," they said.

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