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Let’s face it. If you are a single gay guy, the most important decision you make every day is where you are going to eat out.

For me, it is also one of my most pleasant, yet terrifying decisions. I know that if I want Baked Clams Oreganata, I am going to find my way to Marco’s Café Vico on North Federal Highway. But if I need some quick Chinese for lunch by the newspaper office, I am heading to Chop Stix for their awesome Egg Drop Soup. And if it is a hickory-smoked hamburger, probably I am on my way to J Mark’s, though the Champ burger at the Alibi cannot be denied.

We all love food, from the mouth watering Shrimp Dejonge at the Old Florida Seafood House on Northeast 26th Street in Wilton Manors, to the Mongolian Beef at Cristina Wan’s on North Federal in Fort Lauderdale. And who here can deny your palate a Humpy’s style four-cheese all white slice of pizza pie, quenching your thirst with their Birch Beer?

So what does a publisher with a palate fetish do? He starts a food section in his gay newspaper, called outEATS, so you too can learn to experience the sausage, peppers and onion hoagie at Luigi’s Coal Fired Pizza on East Las Olas, or the remarkable ‘Butch’s Omelette’ at the Floridian, open 24 hours and just across the street from there.

Come on, this is a town I have been eating out in for 37 years, from the escargot at Le Dome, to the freshly carved meats at the Brazilian Steak House, Chima. This is a town where you have to eat out, to experience everything from the Pad Thai at Siam Cuisine to the Chicago style hot dogs at Barry’s Hot Dog Heaven on East Sunrise by Andrews.

You read outEATS and you will be guaranteed to find everything from the best cheesesteaks in town to the most sumptuous plate of lasagna, a continuing and ongoing battle between Il Mulino, Carabba’s in Pompano, and the world-famous award winning one at Café Vico.

This column will give your life purpose and pasta, great eats and great meats, like the Au Jus at J. Alexander’s. So tune in and turn out, your waist that is, as I tell you the best breads and breasts all over town, from the Bimini Bread at Ernie’s to the tender barbeque chicken at Tom Jenkins.

outEATS is your new must read section here at SFGN. Sure you can buy those pesto style skirt steaks at the Fresh Market, and they are terrific, but have you ever tasted one at The Sage? Become wise and satisfied with our notes on these pages.

So here you have it, the debut of SFGN’s outEATS’ a place for the LGBT community to find everything from the spectacular swordfish at Café Seville to the smooth and succulent seductions of the yellow snapper entrees offered at the Tuscan Grill.

Check it out on our online version of the paper on page 28!

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