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And the nominees are!

TLA Video has announced this year's nominees for the 5th annual Gaybie Awards, the “gay Oscars,” if you will. Honoring the best in gay themed cinema, this year’s Gaybies are sure to be more than a smash (especially with the success of gay themed films during this year’s Hollywood award season). Vote now for your favorite gay flicks at

Here’s a look at the nominees in the major categories:

Best Gay Drama

“Behind the Candelabra” — HBO's real life drama about the stormy relationship between closeted pop star Liberace and the much younger Scott Thorson (played by Michael Douglas and Matt Damon respectively). Both actors give riveting performance as emotionally damaged men in an intense, drug fueled love/hate relationship during an era when coming out wasn't always an option.

“Dallas Buyer's Club” — Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto won Oscars this year for their work in this harrowing true story about unlikely allies: HIV positive Ron Woodroof (straight in the film, bisexual in real life) and Rayon, a transwoman with AIDS, who team up to run an illegal HIV clinic during the AIDS ravaged 1980s.

“Yossi” — This sequel to “Yossi and Jaguar,” a gay Israeli love story set on the battlefields of Lebanon, finds an obese, depressed Yossi living in Tel Aviv 10 years later. Still mourning Jaguar's death, Yossi meets a young man who might just revive his long dormant zest for living.

Other Nominees:

“In The Family”
“In The Name Of”
“The Falls: Testament of Love”
“Monster Pies”
“My Last Round”
“Out in the Dark”

Best Gay Comedy:

“G.B.F” — A charming, heart-filled laugh fest about the terrors of high school. Should the cute gay guy hang out with the trendy, popular "fag hags" or with his real friends? Decisions, decisions...

Other Nominees:

Geography Club”
“Scenes From A Gay Marriage”
“Tell No One”
“Turtle Hill, Brooklyn”
“West Hollywood Motel”

Best Documentary:

“Bridegroom” — If you’re a crier be warned: this is a tear jerker if ever there was one. Shane learns the hard way why we need marriage equality after he's shut out of his partner's funeral. The film's fan base includes Oprah, who aired it on OWN last Fall.

“Bottom” — It’s graphic and definitely “adults only!”

“Undressing Israel” — Gay porn king Michael Lucas makes his non-porn debut with this look at gay life in the Holy Land, a country which, surprisingly, has surpassed the U.S. in its passage of federal LGBT equality laws. Visit Tel Aviv, now one of the world's great gay meccas. Shalom, y'all!

Other Nominees:

I'm a Stripper”
“Interior Leather Bar”
“Valentine Road”

Best Gay Thriller:

“Stranger By the Lake”
“Aleksandr's Price” 

Sexiest Gay Movies:

“Interior Leather Bar”
“Stranger by the Lake”
“Triple Crossed”
“The Visitor”

Best Lead Actor:

Tristan Barr — “Monster Pies”
Michael Douglas — “Behind the Candelabra”
Nick Ferrucci — “The Falls: Testament of Love”
Sam Fordham — “In The Hour of Living”
Jonathan Groff — “Cog”
Ohad Knoller — “Yossi”
Sean Paul Lockhart — “Truth”
Matthew McConaughey — “Dallas Buyers Club”
Daniel Radcliffe — “Kill Your Darlings”
Manuel Vignau — “Hawaii”
Wayne Virgo — “Cal”
Patrick Wang — “In The Family”

Awards will also be handed out for Best Supporting Actor and Best Director.

Nominees were selected by the TLA Video staff. Voting is open to the public via an online ballot:
Voting continues through March, with winners announced on April 15.

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