Major Character in 'Neighbors 2' Revealed to Be Gay

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(EDGE) [This post contains spoilers for the upcoming comedy "Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising"]

One of the leading characters in "Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising," the sequel to the 2013 comedy "Neighbors," will be revealed to be gay, Perez Hilton reports.

In the sequel, Dave Franco's Pete will be in a relationship with another man. While some fans may be surprised by the news, director Nicholas Stroller said he's been thinking about developing Pete's sexuality.

Speaking with Yahoo! Movies, Stroller said he was inspired to make Pete gay because of his bromance with Zac Efron's character, Teddy. In "Neighbors" there's a specific scene where Pete tells Teddy "I love you" and takes the blame for a prank gone wrong.

"Clearly, we're playing with the homoerotic tension there, and I was like, 'He should just be gay,' Then in this one, it came up again. [Co-writer] Evan Goldberg brought it up, and he said, 'I think he should be gay, and part of [his arc] should be the proposal.' It was kind of all of us coming to the same conclusion," the director said.

Stroller added the decision was also sparked after a reporter asked him why he never has gay characters in his films.

"I was like, 'I don't know why. I literally don't know. I have no good answer for that," he told Yahoo! Movies. "So this seemed like an organic way to have that happen."

Franco commented on the reveal and said he was "so excited" to take on the role.

"Even though I'm not on screen for a significant amount of time, hopefully it will be very memorable," he said. "And of course I was excited to try something new with the character while still maintaining his essence."

In related news, "Neighbors" co-star Seth Rogen recently admitted some jokes in the 2007 film "Superbad," which he co-wrote, were "blatantly homophobic."

"It's funny looking at some movies we've made in the last 10 years under the lenses of new eras, new social consciousness," he told the Guardian during an interview. "There's for sure some stuff in our earlier movies and even in our more recent movies where even like a year later you're like, 'Eh, maybe that wasn't the greatest idea'."

"Neighbors 2" is in theaters May 20.

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