Silicon Valley Vet to Launch Trans Resource Site

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A new online resource to help provide quality care for transgender adults and parents of transgender children is in the works.  It’s called Genderis (pronounced Gen-DARE-uhs), the project is the brainchild of transgender veteran Kris Marquis. The new website is slated to launch in December.

The goal of Genderis is to provide people with an up-to-date directory of professionals, including therapists, doctors and estheticians who are experienced with working with transgender issues and concerns.

“We want to do due diligence to make sure that provider is educated and is able to provide the type of benefit that most transgender people should experience,” Marquis said.

According to the site, the mission of Genderisis is to also empower people in transition using logic, data, science and technology. The service providers listed on Genderis would provide environments where patients and clients can be themselves while feeling welcome, not judged. Genderis is much more than an Angie’s list-style directory for trans communities. The services are much more thorough.

“When people ask, ‘why am I like this?’ We aim to provide answers,” Marquis said.  “I use science and technology. I need answers. I want to know where [being transgender] comes from and why. Part of Genderis uses big data.”

It’s the relationship with science and big data that may really help the website stand apart. “There are tons of trans advocates in the community, but no one is approaching a solution that merges tech with science and that’s what I’m really looking to do with Genderis,” Marquis said.

To help with the science of being transgender is Dr. Vivienne Ming, PhD. She is the Chair of the Neuroscience Department at UC Berkley who was recently named one of Inc. Magazine’s “10 Women to Watch in Tech.”

The inspiration for the new site came during Marquis’ own journey with transitioning.  “It’s unbelievable how difficult it is to find resources from a therapy or medical perspective,” he says. “The people that you do find claiming they are experienced in gay and lesbian counseling are not always specifically educated in transgender issues,” she said.

Marquis says Genderis will vet its experts that are viable and recommended by the transgender community. 

“We want people to feel safe using the resources we provide,” she said.

Genderis will offer different subscription levels for its members.

“The free package offers brochures for the family, resources including support groups, and the ability to record their activity like seeing a doctor,” Marquis said. “We will also highlight organizations that give back to the community using our shop feature. That will help create more awareness about the buying power of the transgender community.”

Other packages are priced depending on how much data the user requires. “Our silver package has therapists and our gold package has health care resources and cryo resources for male to female and female to male,” Marquis said. “The additional package, the platinum, has access to attorneys and international laws.  We just want to make people aware according to the Human Rights Watch that people know where they will be safe as they travel.”

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