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Bringing Social Media to the Masses

Have you ever had a friend on Facebook who you feel like you know, but never had the chance to meet?  Michael Hendrix, Founder and CEO of The Precise Agency Group is one of those people.  Headquartered just south of Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale, Hendrix leads a team of nine employees, each of whom contributes something unique to the organization.

Hendrix formed The Precise Agency four years ago, when social media was first becoming a force in advertising.  For the first time, traditional media such as print, radio and television was taking a back seat to digital media, and Hendrix had the insight to capitalize on the trend.  “I didn’t want to work for anyone else,” Hendrix states after combing through the minimal amount of positions available in social media advertising.

The Precise Agency offers a wide range of services including: digital public relations, social media advertising, ad placement and text advertising.  In addition, Hendrix’s team has the ability to create applications for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and similar mobile devices.

From the moment I walked through the doors, I knew I was in a fun, creative environment.  The office is configured so the staff can bounce ideas off of each other with ease, or as they like to call it, R.A.V.E….Review, Assess, Visualize, Evaluate.  These steps are used for every client, no matter how big or small.

The Precise Agency’s roster of client’s is extensive, encompassing multiple industries including law firms, restaurants and non-profits.  One of the agency’s most interesting clients is Savor Dallas, a food and wine festival which takes place in March.  “Our experience with the Precise Agency Group has been illuminating and enlightening,” states Jim White, Founder of the event.

Savor Dallas is considered one of the city’s premier events, now in its seventh year.  “Michael and his team have opened our eyes - actually all of our senses - to the promise and the power of social media.”

In fact, The Precise Agency maintains an office in Dallas in addition to Philadelphia and New York, with plans to open a Chicago office next year.  “Our expansion happened naturally,” Hendrix tells SFGN, “we are routinely asked to speak at conventions and trade shows.”  Hendrix recently hired a publicist to handle his busy speaking schedule.  He is considered a foremost expert in the field of digital media and often asked to address small business owners on how to maximize profitability through the use of such media.

Jeffrey Abrams, partner at Abrams & Krochak, a Toronto-based law firm, has been a client for over two years. “Michael is constantly thinking outside of the box and has boundless energy and enthusiasm for his work,” he states.

In addition, Hendrix recently joined forces with non-profit veteran Tony Beall to form Precisely Nonprofit, a separate entity developed to help new and existing organizations with a variety of needs from the grant writing to filing for tax exemption status.


“We wanted to create a company which can offer a wide variety of services for a cost that is less than hiring an employee.”  In these economic times, many non-profits are struggling and in desperate need of the services which Beall is able to provide.


One of Precisely Nonprofit’s clients is Commit 2B Fit, a Boca Raton-based organization dedicated to combat childhood obesity and promote overall wellness.  Michelle Schect, one of the charity’s co-founders is quick to recognize Beall’s work.  “With Tony's help and recommendations we have made a shift in our thinking and approach to be more organization-focused,” she states.  “We are putting the key components in place to help us evolve and grow.”


Despite their tremendous growth over the past few years, The Precise Agency is not just about business.  Recently, Hendrix retained the services of a personal trainer to oversee the health and fitness of his staff, which includes the preparation of daily nutritious lunches.  This is only one of the many things that makes the agency a great place to work.


Clayton Stults, account executive with the agency enjoys the creative, free-flowing environment that Hendrix has created.  Stults oversees the budgets, deadlines and digital platforms for all of the company’s clients.


Hendrix also encourages philanthropy.  Last year, he and his team collected nearly 600 toys and raised over $2,000 in cash for the Children’s Diagnostic Center.  He is also planning a Halloween fundraiser, which will take place at the Pride Center at Equality Park on October 23.

To learn more about Hendrix and The Precise Agency Group, please visit Thepreciseagencygroup.com

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