SAVE Honors Young Professionals and Activists With Second Annual Luminary Awards

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Daniel Tilley is one of the six young professionals from the community who will be honored with the Luminary Awards.

Six young professionals from the community will be honored by SAVE this week for their work to further LGBT equality.

The Luminary Awards, in its second year, will be recognizing Aaron Bos-Lun, Pamela Sweeney, Caridad Tabares, Daniel Tilley, Marco Sanchez, and Jose Suarez.

Every May, the Miami-Dade nonprofit honors Champions of Equality, political figures in the community who are advancing LGBT rights. The Luminaries, who must be 25 to 40, are a sort of precursor to this standing.

“It’s a chance to recognize those young professionals in the community that are doing really spectacular things on behalf of equality,” said Tony Lima, executive director of SAVE. “They’re the ones that are going to be leading us to further victories when it comes to equality in the near future.”

And the six young professionals come from different walks of life and work in different sectors of the community. Jose Suarez has covered LGBT issues in his career at NBC, Pamela Sweeney has been a community activist with the nonprofit for 15 years, and Marco Sanchez has promoted SAVE and its mission with Jestony Vodka, where he serves as the international marketing director. Soon, the company will be producing a pride-themed bottle that will benefit SAVE.

Also, not all of the honorees are part of the LGBT community; some are allies who believe in the cause. This is also true of SAVE itself, made up of both conservatives and progressives who may disagree on some issues, but believe that LGBT people should be treated equally.

“It says that we’re all ready for change, that the newer generations are thinking of equality as something that should be normal in society, something that should be commonplace,” Lima said of the makeup of the activists.

The second annual Luminary Awards will be at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden on Sept. 5 at 7 p.m. Members of the community, including established professionals and local politicians, are expected to attend. As well as recognizing those who have stood up for the LGBT community, drinks will be provided by Jestony Vodka and Miami Club Rum and guests can expect a good time on the dance floor with music from DJ Gemini. Attire is chic and fun.

Tickets are $50 and can be purchased online at

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