“Right now I’m on a workman’s com because of my right shoulder. I just got injured two weeks ago.”
“What happened?”
“I’m at work and my shoulder went out. It looked like a balloon. I start my therapy tomorrow.”

“I wish we were standing in front of my motorcycle.” “Yeah, we should’ve been.”
“What’s your favorite thing you admire about each other on the court?” “His forehand.” “His tenacity.”

“I was doing a study abroad thing in Peru, studying municipal plants, and we had a picnic lunch and went swimming in the river, and it was pouring rain, and there were piranhas, and we were throwing fish at each other, and I felt like a little kid. It was very, yeah, so happy.”
“What’s your biggest struggle currently?”
“Just trying to finish school and get a college degree. I go to FAU so like with everything going on, having to work and go to school at the same time, I’d say that’s the biggest struggle right now for me.”
“So where do you work?”
“Right now I work at the supermarket, but I’ll be starting another job soon as well, so I’m struggling with two jobs and school.”