Humans Of Wilton Manors: Week 3

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“I like to make people laugh.”
“What got you into painting?”
“Well as a child, I was always really interested in art because my father liked to draw. I made a career doing wildlife paintings.”
“What’s your favorite painting that you’ve done?”
“My favorite painting that I’ve done? Of my two schnauzers.”
“What would you say is your biggest struggle currently?”
“Currently? Convincing my husband to go from being permanent residents here to becoming part time residents because we’re snowbirds so to speak because of the weather. I can’t take the heat. It’s my biggest struggle.”

“What does your favorite thing that your mom did for you?”
“Well, my mom was always there for me, always making my favorite cake. My mom was very sick with an illness, could hardly get out of bed. My birthday was Christmas Eve. She got out of bed and made a cake for my birthday. I said, ‘Mom, why did you do that? You’re not supposed to get out of bed.’ She said, ‘Don’t mind me, John. Just enjoy it.’ The way my mom was, she’d do the same thing for other people. Whenever people were sick or anything, she’d bring them food and dessert. She was very giving. She taught her children to be very giving. I have a brother and sister, and she taught us all to do that. She told us, ‘You might not remember what other people say or do. People may not remember you for what you say or do, but they will always remember you for how you make them feel.’”

“I have six other siblings, and we just have a close bond that we still, each one of us personally, enjoy even though every one of us fifty and older. There’s still seven us still living, and we enjoy gathering with one another. It’s just family bonding that’s been solidified by the way our parents brought us up.”
“How did your parents bring you up?”
“They were strict, and they were excellent providers. They gave us a great foundation, and my parents were hardworking and loving people.”

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