Humans Of Wilton Manors: Week 2

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“What would you say is your greatest achievement?”
”Right now, I’m in love with my dog and only my dog and stuff like that. He’s my greatest achievement.”
”What’s his name?”
”Why is he so important to you?”
”He’s my best friend and he’s always there when I need him.”
”Can you name a time when he was there for you when you needed him?”
”Especially if I get upset about things, he’s, you know, always there to keep me going.”
”So he’s your inspiration or motivation?”
”Yeah, exactly.”
“If you could give a large group of people one word of advice, what would it be?”
“Smile and pay your meter.”
“Do you think that people don’t smile enough?”
“Yes, we’re very diverse. We’re happy people. We don’t discriminate against people. There’s no reason not to smile. It’s Wilton Manors. I mean, it’s gay. Gay means you’re happy. Show that you’re happy. Don’t be bitter.”
“Do you remember the happiest moment of your life?”
“Just being able to put on women’s clothes and step out of my front door and be recognized and treated as a woman.”

“I sell real estate and I have a very busy active career and life is just—in real estate, you can just let it take control of your life. I work 24/7 and if you don’t intentionally slow down, all you’ll do is work. You’ve got to make the time to get a haircut, get a manicure, the whole nine yards.”

“What would you say is your biggest struggle right now?”
“My biggest struggle personally? Well actually today with my grandson was something, I had to go through the whole thing at the airport today. I had to help them trying to get him on the plane and everything.”
“Because he’s a kid. He forgot to bring his luggage. It’s a long story.”
“Was there a turning point when you decided that you wanted to be a chef?”
“Well, around 10 years ago my parents gave me a choice between going to college and getting kicked out of the house, so I went to culinary school.”

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