APRIL 2010: The Philippine Supreme Court recognized Ang Ladlad (Out of the Closet) as a legitimate political party for the first time. The Justices said the party complied with all legal requirements and that there is no law against homosexuality.

JUNE 28, 1970: Thousands of gays and lesbians take over Sixth Ave in NYC to commemorate the first anniversary of Stonewall in what became The First Gay Pride.


In 1938, “Bringing up Baby” was the first film to use the word gay to mean homosexual. Cary Grant, in one scene, ends up having to wear a lady’s robe. When another character asks about why he is wearing that, he responds, ad-libbing, “Because I just went gay.” At the time, audiences didn’t get the reference so the line was thought to have meant, “I just decided to be carefree.”

In 2003, The Canadian Oxford Dictionary announced it was changing the definition of marriage to read: “the legal or religious union of two people.”


Heinrich Hoessli (1784-1864) published, in 1836, the first volume of “Eros: The Male- Love of the Greeks,” a defense of same-sex love. He is considered the first advocate of gay rights.

Bertrand Delanoe became, in 2001, the first openly gay European Mayor (Paris, France).