Dale’s Tires: Great Service and ‘Best Price in Town’

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When it comes to prices nobody’s going to beat Owner Dale Saunders of Dale’s Wheels and Tires on Sunrise Blvd.

“I don’t think there’s anyone in this town that can play with us in numbers or anything like that,” he said of the 20-year-old business. “Anything to do with front end work, there’s definitely not going to be anybody that competes with me. We have the best price in town.”

Saunders goes on to explain that he doesn’t need specials because at his shop, everyday is a deal.

“This may sound stupid, but what people advertise as a special is what we do every day,” he said. “My prices keep me in my business.”

While other small businesses have struggled or gone out of business over the last few years Dale’s has flourished. But it’s not just the price that’s kept him in business it’s also his personal touch and connection with the community.

“We also help people here more than the guy down the street. People know that,” he said, “I just try to keep you going whether you’re filthy loaded or dead broke. My job is to keep you going and do the right thing by you and that’s it.”

Dale’s services include everything underneath the car including brakes, axles, shocks, alignments, drive shafts and of course tires.

“We have a very big used tire business,” he said. “We specialize in high grade quality used tires.”

Dale explained that many customers don’t need new tires. Instead his used tires are not only cheaper, but last almost as long.

“The quality of my used tires is second to none. I can show you used tires that you’ll think are new,” he said. “A lot of people can’t afford a $200 tire in this economy. But I sell $400 tires that cost $50 used and have 75 percent of the life.”

Saunders is a 46-year-old father of 3 and lives in Coral Springs. He was born in Trinidad and moved to New York when he was 10-years-old. From there he moved to Florida at 16. Before the car business Saunders managed a bagel shop, but said he’s been playing with cars since he was 14-years-old.

“From bagels to tires,” he said with a laugh. “I had friends in the car business at the time, and I just thought I could do it better, so I opened up my own place.”

Besides great prices Saunders takes pride in his customer service.

“I consider myself a people person and I think I am a help to the community,” Saunders said. He went on to explain that he’s not out there looking screw anybody over. Instead if a customer is down on their luck he’s more than willing to give them a break.

“It just depends if I feel they’re being honest with me or trying to screw me. I have to feel it in here,” he said tapping his heart.

“We have top mechanics. Some of them have 20 years of experience,” he said. Then after a chuckle he added: “plus the guy that owns this place is damn good himself.”

Dale’s Wheels and Tires
250 W. Sunrise Blvd.

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