Bria and Chrissy: Two Lesbian Activists Take On the Romneys

Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers

Take the harmony of the Indigo Girls, the wit of The Daily Show and a dash of South Park shamelessness — and you get Bria and Chrissy, two lesbian performers based in Atlanta, who in one short month have gained 1,236 YouTube subscribers with their songs of political satire and protest.

Whether Bria Kam, 25, and Chrissy Chambers, 21, sing about Chick-Fil-A or “legitimate rape,” their politics are laden with a sense of humor. Often the lyrics show a twisted comedy such as in one of their duets as Mitt and Ann Romney: “Rape is bad, but at least someone gets to be a dad.” The lines speak against Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s definition of rape as a “method of conception.”

Chambers is in drag as Romney. Kam wears a blond wig. The mannerisms and costumes work well together to create a hilarious parody. “We spent a good amount of time watching the Romneys speak,” Kam told SFGN.

When Kam and Chambers met at an Atlanta gay bar about ten months ago, Chambers had arrived via Clinton, Mississippi to work as an actress, model and singer.

“Chrissy is simply stunning,” shared Kam, a cover musician and student. “I was instantly drawn to her.”

Their romantic compatibility later extended to a professional relationship. “To work with someone you love on something you are both extremely passionate about, it's very rewarding,” she asserted.

Although neither of them has had experience with political humor, their training as actresses includes sketch comedy, and part of their politics is centered on feminism. “One of our main goals [is] equal rights and awareness for women as well as the LGBT community,” Kam affirmed.

Many of the reactions on YouTube are positive. However, derogatory comments have also surfaced. In several interviews, Bria and Chrissy candidly quote the explicit slander. “We show the negativity, because we want to illustrate the reason for the fight,” said Kam.

In late July, Bria and Chrissy attended the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their protest of an anti-gay demonstration at the DNC even made The Washington Post. According to Kam, fans can look forward to more YouTube videos, including one with a confused Mitt and Ann who have ended up at the wrong convention.

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