All Aboard Animal Hospital: Safe Harbor for Pet Health

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When entering restaurants, salons, piercing establishments, and medical offices all one wants to see is pristine cleanliness. All Aboard Animal Hospital, located in Pompano, is a facility for animal care that exceeds quality care – and housekeeping expectations.

The five-year-old veterinary hospital is owned by Dr. Kevin McAllister and his wife Melissa, who purchased it from the previous veterinarian. Julie, who acts as a receptionist and Jill-of-All-Trades, stayed on after the McAllister’s purchased All Aboard.

“I really do love working here. Dr. McAllister and my old boss Dr. Loud are just excellent doctors,” she said, confidently describing a history of care carried out by both doctors. “Melissa is just wonderful with the pets too. Our clients always have great things to say.”

Kevin McAllister earned his veterinary degree from the University of Georgia, and has been practicing since 1999. Originally from Maryland, the couple moved to South Florida five years ago after time in Sarasota.

“I've been a veterinarian in Florida for about 9 years,” said Dr. McAllister. “The Pompano/Fort Lauderdale area is great because we have the amenities of larger urban cities nearby with a small town feel of local businesses and long-time residents. Melissa and I enjoy getting to know our clients and their pets very well. At All Aboard Animal Hospital we bring a personal relationship to veterinary care. It builds trust in our clients and it is rewarding being part of a great Florida community.”

The building has three large examining rooms. There is also an on-site pharmacy, to make your trip to All Aboard a swift visit. The state-of-the-art operating room is filled with natural light, and even has windows in each door – this relays a trust factor for clients.

The hospital boasts an isolation room for very sick, often rescued animals. There is also a cat boarding room for eight cats. A large, bright and airy room for dogs, is outfitted with eight roofless, wide, units for boarding.

“And of course, we have outside,” Melissa said graciously as she led us out into a well-sized, fenced-in yard in which there are three larger dog runs shaded in part by ficus hedges. “This is just a great area for the dogs to get some exercise. We think it’s a great feature.”

Mellissa McAllister acts as the business and general manager of All Aboard. To add to the family feeling there are five cats that call the place home. There is also a yellow Labrador, named Buster that lives there.

“Buster has been with us for about a year and a half,” Melissa said. “He’s blind, and a rescue, like all of the cats. We work with a few cat charities such as Paws of South Florida, and a Labrador rescue. We’re Labrador people,” she said pleasantly. “We see most of the Labradors taken in by Lab Rescue of South Florida. The labs come from shelters that don’t have room for them and from owner surrender.”

All Aboard vaccinates, spays or neuters them, implants a microchip and checks them for illness and injuries, including heartworm disease. Sandy, a beautiful yellow lab arrived with the McAllister’s after her time was up at a shelter and she was due to be euthanized.

She was almost completely hairless due to a horrible skin infection caused by her allergies. The dog was still lactating, apparently discarded after giving birth to a litter for a neglectful breeder.

Yet, even in her poor condition, she is now at least a happy dog, with a wagging tail. Thanks to All Aboard’s intervention, Sandy will find a new home with people who can appreciate her. With animal lovers as dedicated and compassionate as the McAllister’s, clients will certainly come to trust and appreciate All Aboard Animal Hospital.

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