A Look at Gay Pride Celebrations Across the Globe

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Gay pride parades abound this summer, locally and at far corners around the world.

Cities like New Orleans, Chicago, and London kick back and throw festivals in honor of Pride Week through the summer months — just to name a few.  Gay communities continue to march and hold demonstrations  with festivals growing in size and numbers each year.

The mark of the June 28 Stonewall anniversary is one reason why these parades occur, but for New Orleans it’s remembering the disastrous fire that took place in a gay bar four years after the Stonewall police raid.

“We are remembering the 32 victims that perished in the LGBT community 40 years ago, here, at the Upstairs Lounge,” said Sharon Barreca, public relations and marketing chair for The New Orleans Pride 2013.

The victims were gathered at the lounge after a church service for a pride function in honor of the Stonewall riots, according to Barreca. In honor of the tragic fire, the Big Easy is throwing a four-day festival from June 21 to 24 with the biggest event falling on Saturday, June 22.

Over  in St. Petersburg, Florida, this coastal city draws a bit of New Orleans flair to its five-day festival , St. Pete Pride 2013, running June 26-30.

Executive Director Eric Skains describes it as “a Mardi Gras-style event. It’s one of the few parades that follows that kind of footprint,” he said. “Eight blocks along Central Avenue are blocked off and the parade will run right through it, allowing people to be part of the parade and not just as spectators.”

Perhaps celebrating pride is a good reason to hit the road or fly across the Atlantic. Below is a roundup of pride events going on that may be worth packing a suitcase for.

St. Pete Pride, June 26-30,


44th Annual Chicago Pride Week, June 22 and 23


Albuquerque Pride, June 29


Cleveland Gay Pride, June 29


Dublin Pride LGBTQ Festival, June 21-29


Houston Pride Week, June 21-30


New Orleans Pride, June 21-24


New York City Pride, June 28-30


Paris Gay Pride (Marche des Fiertes LGBT), June 29


The 43rd Annual San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade, June 29-30


South Carolina Black Pride, June 19-23


Pride Barcelona 2013, June 28-30,


London Gay Pride 2013, June 25-30


Pride Toronto, June 21-30


Helsinki Pride 2013, June 24-30

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