A Day with HIV: Positively Aware Magazine’s Annual Photo Essay

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For the fourth year, A Day with HIV attempted to help fight the stigma of HIV and advance a community of caring through a collective photographic portrait.

On Saturday, September 21, Positively Aware asked people everywhere, both HIV-positive and negative, to join in the fight against HIV by asking people to take a digital photograph on that day to record a moment that put the focus on the daily trials and triumphs of people living with HIV and those who care for them.

The images selected for the photo essay were announced in October and published in their November/December issue.

SFGN once again worked with Positively Aware to highlight this special issue of theirs by running some of the photos they chose for their essay, which included a local resident Dab Garner, whose photo appears below.

Visit  www.ADayWithHIV.com and www.PositivelyAware.com for more information.


5:45 PM: SOUTH GATE, CA. Kissing her baby, Laura A. knows that HIV will not be a concern for him...one day.


12:45 PM: NORTHBEND, OH. Theresa Kenney: “I am a mother, daughter, sister, and grandmother putting a face to HIV in hopes of bringing awareness, and changing stigma for those of us living with HIV. Testing can save your life.”


7:00 PM: MOAB, UT. Laurie Priddy: “We hiked all over Moab. This is the third time I was able to have my niece with me for a month out of the summer. Living with HIV for 25 years, I have had the beautiful experience of watching and experiencing my family go from fear of me to acceptance through education, to unconditional love.”



3:07 PM: MINNEAPOLIS, MN. Chef Robert Morris III: This smile was a long time coming, to be able to smile about life. I live my life for what’s now, I don’t let HIV live my life for me. We got this, you are not alone.


10:59 AM: PHILADELPHIA, PA. Rev. Andrena Ingram: “Each Saturday, St. Michael’s Lutheran Church has a Community Meal. I spent A Day with HIV praying, serving, encountering, and ‘fellowshipping’ people in the community. I made a new friend! She plastered me with Dora the Explorer stickers, ‘for being nice to her,’ she said.”


8:15 am David Bayer -San Diego, California United States - "Taking to the road. Taking to life. Taking the opportunities that life gives us. Taking time to be grateful. Taking time to smile. Taking time to pay forward and taking time to be there for myself and family! Life is good!"


10:15 pm Dab Garner - Fort Lauderdale, Florida United States - "A friend took a pic of Dab the AIDS Bear and me without a shirt wearing my dog tags to show there is just me and the bear in my war against HIV and AIDS. As a 32-year survivor, I hope to inspire others to know that it is possible to live a long time with HIV while encouraging others who are HIV-negative to get tested and know their status."

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