3 Loud Women, Internet Show Trio, Shares Thoughts on Food, Fashion and Family

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The 3 Loud Women, Stephany Goldberg Glazer, Teana McDonald, Allyson Tomchin

Take a style diva, a shrink and a food-and-travel junkie. Throw in a touch of The View, a dash of Kathy Lee and Hoda, and a sprinkle of Jimmy Fallon. Blend it all up, mix it well and your end result is 3 Loud Women.

It’s an internet-based lifestyle show where Allyson Tomchin, Stephanie Goldberg Glazer and Teana McDonald dish out wisdom about a variety of topics from food and wine to style and business to therapy and wellness. The self-described “daytime girlfriends” share their personal experiences, industry expertise, and real life anecdotes with viewers.

All three ladies are involved in the National Association of Women’s Business Owners (NAWBO) and each one of them has served on the board. McDonald, who owns a style, social media and entertainment company called In Style Diva, Inc., is the current NAWBO president.  Tomchin, president of Directive Energy, Inc., is a certified clinical social worker and certified family mediator with the Florida Supreme Court. Glazer runs a gourmet dog treat company called Babka Bars, as well as a full service personal assistant company called Your Personal Manager, Inc. She also writes an award winning blog called www.floridakeysgirl.com.

NAWBO is where McDonald, Glazer and Tomchin first met.

“We had all done business with each other,” said Tomchin. “The idea of taking our particular skill sets to entertainment came up.  A three-hour discussion in my office later and 3 Loud Women was born.”

Unlike other shows that contain an all-female cast, the crew claims their realness sets them apart from the rest of the pack.

“We’re not three housewives. We’re business owners with families,” said McDonald.  “Our videos are about our real life experiences. We invite you into our everyday lives in most of our videos to create a sense of community – we’re all in this together.”

Naming the show was its own funny story.

“We all have so much experience to bring to the table, so I try and be the voice of reason” Glazer said. “I had to let them know the name 2 Jews and a Black Chick was a little too obnoxious.”

Tomchin would still love to have used that name.

“How awesome would it have been to have Matt Lauer introduce us like that,” she said, laughing.

Humor is something 3 Loud Women love to bring to their shows. Tomchin believes humor is essential in trying to rectify your life.

“Therapy is fun. We have to have the ability to laugh at ourselves.”

The concept of 3 Loud Women followed the trend of letting the rest of the world to join in on their conversations. “We got out there and created something ourselves,” McDonald said.

“If you want something, go out there and create it,” Glazer added.

“People need to know how amazing we are. If Justin Beiber can go from Internet sensation to a music superstar than so can we. Plus we’re better looking,” says Tomchin

While most of their shows are catered towards women and their struggles, Glazer is happy that men watch the show.

“There are a lot of issues facing women, but men do watch us because we talk about things that are relevant to almost everyone. Our opinions are backed up by our own studies and experiences. We want our viewers to know that they’re not the only ones out there with struggles.”

One of the trios most popular videos is called “Give Guilt the Finger” where the ladies talk about how they’ve learned to not feel guilty about doing things that make them happy.

“Yeah I shouldn’t have that glass of wine or eat that cupcake, but so what – I wanted it,” said Tomchin.

The goal to go from YouTube to network television is within reach for 3 Loud Women. With their programming already on the air in Key West, the hope of all of America having them in their living rooms doesn’t appear to be farfetched.

“Were comfortable with doing the grunt work, it’s gunna happen when it’s meant to happen,” McDonald said.

“Remember, we’re doing this while running business and raising families.”

Become a fan of 3 Loud Women by visiting 3LoudWomen.com and watching the 3Loudwomen YouTube channel.

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