High on Hillary: Will She Or Won't She?

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SHE'S BACK — Hillary Clinton, already the front-runner for the 2016 U.S. presidential election in the minds of many LGBT's and Democrats, is writing a memoir and policy book about her time with the Obama Administration that will likely fuel more speculation about her political future.

Clinton's book has yet to be titled and is tentatively scheduled for June 2014, which coincidentally is just in time for the midterm elections.  Any book tour events in early voting states would receive broad attention and could easily blend with Democratic efforts to reclaim the House.  The book will likely be placed under a microscope for any hints of a run for president in 2016.

Ending a week in which she returned firmly to public service, Clinton continues to capture the headlines effortlessly time and time again.  Clinton stepped back onto the national stage as the top guest at a "power women" conference organized by Tina Brown of The Daily Beast which created quite a media frenzy.  The former secretary of state did nothing to damp down the eager anticipation among many of her supporters during her speech at the Women in the World summit.

While the 2016 presidential campaign is more than three years away, early public opinion polls already show support for Clinton.  A Quinnipiac Poll last month showed Clinton leading Republicans potentials by strong double digits.

The big question remains to be, "Will she run or won’t she?"

Hillary Clinton’s plan's for 2016 have become an obsessive guessing game that is a consuming fixation in the media and an extraordinary degree among average Americans.

She might have a little time to "rest" before campaigning for 2016, and no one can dispute that the former madam secretary doesn't need it.  She's had an incredible twenty years in politics thus far, while just in the past four years alone she has traveled close to a million miles visiting over 100 countries.  But perhaps the real reason for Hillary's timely resignation is that it's difficult to campaign for president as secretary of state.

Hillary has a huge army of LGBT and female voters voters alike, and in a time when it would seem the GOP wants to send both groups back to the dark ages, it's apparent both remain committed and will rally around Clinton as she preps for a potential run.  Clinton's video to the HRC supporting same-sex marriage and her speech at the women's conference in New York have likely been strategic in planning to embrace these voters and is certain to keep us on board.

The election of a female president is long over due.  After all, women make up for half of our populace.  They vote at a higher rate than their male counterparts.  In January, a historic number of women took their seats in the U.S Senate, and in 2011 there were twenty-two countries who looked to female leaders to occupy their highest executive offices.

You don't have to be a political genius to figure out that Hillary Clinton will indeed run in 2016. It's what The Clinton's do, and it's what they have always done.  It would seem Hillary is inevitable, yet the next three years she has to go through the process of humbly remaining to seem "un-inevitable."  Right now Clinton remains favored in polls, just as former President Clinton remains at the top of most popular U.S. presidents.

Hillary has exhibited her abilities and strengths in her role as Secretary of State, earning the respect of world leaders, and building on her popularity and qualifications since 2008.  I don't believe it is in her DNA to "ever give up or give in" in regards to her quest for the highest seat in public office, and in relations to anything she sets her mind to accomplish that is in the best interests of the citizens of our country.  She stands tall, vibrant, true to her beliefs, and unwavering in her quests.

Clinton has an impressive story to tell.  She has championed women's rights for decades, and she embodies the drive for LGBT equality by shattering many glass ceilings.  She has deep political experiences at home and abroad.  More than anyone at the moment, she has the potential to be America's first female president.

She is more qualified than ever, has tremendous foreign affairs experience, and excellence in her role as Secretary of State as her towering approval ratings reflect that.  She knows the reality of what the Presidency means from being First Lady, has been a Senator, knows how Congress operates from the inside out, and she remains one tough negotiator.

It is indisputable that the nation needs a progressive leader to move the country forward and to keep human rights alive in America.  Hillary is battle-tested, bright, capable, with 10's of millions of devoted fans ready to campaign for her tidal wave of support.

  Victoria Michaels