Column: Amend, Don't Defend, a Failed System

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I am VERY proud to be an American. However, when our system of government fails the American people, I chose to exercise my Constitutional right to freely express myself and my profound disappointment in our government.

Earlier this month, AGAINST the will of the people, the system failed us and democracy with a select group of 538 people known as the Electoral College deciding in a most undemocratic way who will become our 45th president. While we are still a nation I am unapologetically proud to call my own, when operations of government fail to reflect our democratic principles and values as Americans, hallmarks of our nation we hold up to the rest of the world, it is time to change them. Otherwise, allowing them to continue to operate re-enforces the loss of faith and sense of a lack in legitimacy many Americans continue to have in a government founded on the principle of WE THE PEOPLE.

I am disturbed beyond mere disappointment that in my 30 plus years I will have had to endure now two presidents NOT elected by the people. Regardless of the victor or that victor's political party, it is clear that reform is needed.

As Americans we deserve the right to directly elect our president, and a system that doesn't treat us as equals - that circumvents the will of the people - demands for us to reform it. Proportional State representation in the Electoral College or its dissolution should be the goal of how we next amend the Constitution to preserve our Union. Otherwise let's amend the Constitution to accurately reflect what has happened too often in our history to be anything less than a flaw needing fixing and what I have seen happen now twice in my lifetime by placing a very large asterisk beside We The People* (to mean: *except on matters including, but not limited to, the election of our nation's president).

The system failed the American people. A failed system should not be defended. It should be amended.

(Justin S. Flippen, J.D., "The People's Commissioner," is a Broward County native and Vice Mayor of Wilton Manors.)