12 Slogans for Orientation!

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If we could choose what we were, how would the marketing for the choice look?

On Monday, Nov. 18, Reddit user SerbuSauce asked the community: “If sexual orientation was a choice, what would be some of the recruitment slogans for each side?”

Simple enough question, right? Well, wait til you see the answers.

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Here are our favorite slogans , what are yours?

1. Slogan: You don't need to show us where it is.

Orientation: Lesbian

From user cherry_limeade

2. Slogan: From the makers of children. Try VAGINA!

Orientation: Straight

From user Amish_Grinder

3. Slogan: Any Hole is a Goal!

Orientation: Bisexual

From user MrHarding

4. Slogan: Share your clothes, spare your holes.

Orientation: Lesbian

From user echatoner

5. Slogan: Fuck relationships. But not literally.

Orientation: Asexual

From user xamthe3rd

6. Slogan: Les is more!

Orientation: Lesbian

From user ReferencesCartoons

7. Slogan: because you're worth it.

Orientation: Autosexual

From user bunfoo

8. Slogan: Straight is great

Find a mate and procreate!

Orientation: Straight

From user zipzap21

9. Slogan: Let's pop open a cold one.

Orientation: Necrophiliac

From user Urgullibl

10. Slogan: No need for lube, and two more boobs!

Orientation: Lesbian

From user CMontgomeryBlerns

11. Slogan: Straight: The White male of sexual orientation.

Orientation: Straight

From user StewieBanana

12. Slogan: We won't get mad when you want anal.

Orientation: Gay

From user themaxx2001