'OITNB' Cast & Crew: 'F*ck You, Trump!'

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(EDGE) The cast and crew of "Orange is the New Black" are saying what we're all thinking - in T-shirt form!

Lea DeLaria, who stars as Big Boo on the Netflix series, took to Twitter Friday, posting a picture of the stars and crew of "OITNB" wearing T-shirts that say, "Vaginas against Trump."

In her tweet, DeLaria added, "Cast & crew of OITNB says Fuck You Trump."

According to a website for the T-shirts, they come in several colors and designs from "working in the prison garden sleeveless white" to "emoting in a bunkbed v-neck blue" to "standing up to the man to the best of our ability long sleeve black."

Click here to get your own "Vaginas Against Trump" shirt.

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