Gay YouTube Star Says He Was Attacked, Posts Pic

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Photo Credit: Instagram.

(EDGE) A gay YouTube star from London, who was in Southern California for a vlogger conference, said he was attacked when he was separated from friends after a night out at a gay club.

Calum McSwiggan, who makes videos about LGBT issues and sexual health, took to Instagram Monday night to post a photo of himself in the hospital. In his posts, he also recounts the incident.

After recently attending the annual vlogger conference VidCon in Anaheim, Calif. McSwiggan and fellow YouTube personalities went out to party at a gay club. But McSwiggan said things turned violent when he was separated from his friends.

"Last night was the worst night of my life and I'm really struggling to find the words to talk about it," he wrote. "After one of the most wonderful weekends at VidCon we went out to a gay club to celebrate, and towards the end of the evening I was separated from my friends and beaten up by three guys.

"The authorities should have been there to help and protect me but instead they treated me like a second class citizen," the e-star added.

McSwiggan said he suffered three broken teeth and received six stitches in his forehead.

"I've never felt so terrified to be a gay man in the public eye," he said. "All I can do is thank my wonderful friends @riyadhk, @melaniiemurphy and @douga_ for being with me the whole way. I'd be lost without them. Right now I don't feel that I'm in the right place to talk about this but I will be addressing this fully in the future."



McSwiggan's friend Riyadh Khalaf tweeted about the incident: 

Khalaf also posted on Instagram, writing: "Something awful happened to one of my best friends last night while we were just having a fun night out on holiday. Thankfully all is ok now but it's in those terrifying moments when you realise that these people are more than friends, they're your chosen family. Hug your bestie extra tight tonight."


 McSwiggan made headlines earlier this year after opening up about his performing bareback in gay porn. Read more about that by clicking here and watch his video on that topic below.


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