Review: Chisolm's "Layers in Time" on Display Now

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Artwork by Chisolm

Artwork by Chisolm

Everyone needs to eat, drink and breathe. No one needs art. Even so many are inexorably drawn to creative works.

I originally met Chisolm at a Pride Business Alliance event in West Palm Beach some years ago. He is rapidly inclusive with a quick clipped personality like every other scene on a film reel. Thoughts come and go quickly even as he engages those around him.

Chisolm, an artist in West Palm Beach, Fla, hales from Mississippi. He began creating art and drawing as a child and studied art at the University of Southern Mississippi, the alma mater of Jimmy Buffet and Bret Favre. With his partner Russ, Chisolm moved to Palm Beach in 2009 where he began creating his unique Layers In Time paintings.

This artist creates what momentarily resides in his mind and is instantly lost to the ages; motion, passion and energy. Working with body flexing, causal cursive movement writing creates bold powerful pieces layered with contrast. There is no format; without specific beginning and without defined ending.

After working in several genres, “Layers In Time” is his current work. Each piece begins as a sheet of thin plastic hung on a wall. Onto the plastic sheet he brushes, dabs and runs acrylic paints he has mixed from primary and secondary colors, layer upon layer, week after week. Over an inch thick on some the paint flows to the bottom often creating a three dimensional effect. Scrunching and pinching as the piece dries adds additional dimension.

The effect is a depth of texture inviting to touch; making the art not simply visual but also tactile. Buyers and gallery browsers often comment on some feature they see in the work. Chisolm sees nothing in the flow, each piece being simply a creative expression of a moment in mind.

The time involved in each piece is such that he may have 20 pieces in various stages of completion at any time. Upon completion a month or more can be required for the piece to completely dry after which the plastic sheet is carefully removed from the wall and attached to its canvas, which itself may also be painted. Once in place a thick layer of liquid epoxy it applied and brushed into each nook and cranny, then over and around the edges to seal the parts into one. “Layers In Time” pieces can be hosed off for cleaning.

“Layers In Time” has been on display at Palm Beach International Airport as part of the Art In Public Places program. Many have been shipped internationally including a nine foot wide piece to a buyer in London and one to a princess of the UAE. A particularly unique piece created for donation to a silent auction to benefit training of assistance dogs was purchased immediately upon delivery, days prior to the auction, by Stephen Meyers the developer of the Pine Creek Sporting Club.

“Layers In Time” can be seen on a visit to DTR Modern Galleries at corner of South County Rd. and Worth Ave. in Palm Beach, Philip Morton Gallery in Rehoboth Beach, Del., or by contacting Chisolm at 561-267-7720 for a scheduled showing at his studio located at 502 Palm St., Suite 3, West Palm Beach FL 33401.

Success brings change and Chisolm has his eye open for a unique building in which he can house galleries and working spaces below residential space above. His philanthropic vision includes actively identifying young LGBT artists and providing them with space to create and show their work while helping evolve their talent.

Self identifying as an artist, Chisolm cautiously relies on his business experience opening luxury retail stores to orient his art toward a viable business. Galleries are an integral extension of the artist and the right galleries deliver a real boost to sales of his “Layers In Time” pieces. Splitting the sale with the artist, a gallery frees the artist to create while handling the details of the sale such as the final selling price and making actual delivery of a large, heavy, fragile expression of the artist’s mind.

No one needs art, yet we all know and appreciate it when we see it.

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