RedEYE Reboot Promises An Explosion of Live Arts

Sapient experiment #10 by Ruben Ubiera, Gossip by Susan Clifton, and Hand by Anthony Hernandez

This year’s RedEYE Reboot will be an explosion of live art, live bands, body art, food trucks and an exciting graffiti challenge. The ninth annual exhibit and multimedia event will be held July 19 at ArtServe in Fort Lauderdale.

“Several new dimensions are being added this year: Digital art, or projection art, has really come into its own this year, and RedEYE has a number of very exciting digital installations this year including one of the groundbreaking new digital artists, Sri Prabha. We have added a full outdoor stage this year to connect with the community and change up the flow. There will be live body sculpting this year, which takes the live body painting to a whole new level and is really phenomenal to watch,” said Jaye Abbate, President/CEO of ArtServe.

The event is the interactive component to the annual "RedEYE" exhibition, which will be on display July 7-August 15. Artists will take over the ArtServe gallery and the festivities will spill into the parking lot with live music, art, food trucks, and a live graffiti challenge.

“So we’re pairing up students from Fort Lauderdale High School with urban art mentors and they’ll be doing live painting on canvasses, skateboards and found objects.   And the live installation pieces that you can only capture that night are really something to see this year,” Abbate told SFGN.

Another highlight will be a moving work of art. It’s a car covered in graffiti. “The show sponsor, Rick Case Fiat, decided to do something more creative with their sponsorship than slap a logo on a banner or e-blast.  To connect with the buying public more, they decided create a movable work of art by tagging an entire fiat and do some playful tweaking to their logo.  ArtServe invited a number of the top urban artists in the area to submit concept drawings and Rick Case Fiat selected the talented and celebrated Ruben Ubiera who will reveal the fully graffiti art wrapped vehicle at the RedEYE. Ruben is a perfect choice as he primarily creates his art using reclaimed objects or other surfaces rather than traditional canvases. He prefers to call his art “urban-pop” rather than “graffiti art” as he has lived most of his life in urban, populated areas and his inspiration is derived from the interactivity between man and his urban environment,” said Abbate.

Redeye began about a decade ago – before the rise of the Wynwood walls and the popularity of urban wall murals, as a response to a community need – which is how many ArtServe programs evolve.

“We received calls from teachers and parents to see if we had a program that would help students who were getting in with kids getting in trouble with the authorities for tagging public spaces.  ArtServe responded by crafting a program to help these kids channel their talents more productively titled  ‘Cans to canvas’ as a way of showing the taggers that they could actually make money from their art if they painted on canvases or other surfaces instead of public property,” Abbate said. “Urban artists mentored the kids live – and it was a big hit as people love watching the artists go from a blank slate to an amazing art work with spray cans. Over time bands and food trucks were added and it became a huge community event.  Many of the original ‘cans to canvas’ participants have gone on to become highly regarded and successful urban muralists and artists.”

The RedEYE Reboot takes place Saturday, July 19at ArtServe from 6pm to 10pm. The address is 1350 E. Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale 33304. For more information, call 954-462-8190 or visit

South Florida Gay News is sponsoring this year’s event.

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